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Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic crisis, 120 million students and educators all around the globe are using Google’s “G Suite for live online classes” to create, collaborate, and communicate for making the learning process accessible to all. Recently Google made their virtual meeting and collaboration platform “Google Meet” to work even better for schools and colleges and other educational institutions by improving safety and security features considering the needs of these learning institutes.

Google Meet + Classroom for Schools and Colleges

For years schools and colleges have used traditional and complex learning management systems(LMS) to manage live online classes. With the advancement in digital trends, more and more educational institutions have started implementing advanced LMS and video conferencing tools so that there is no hindrance in the learning process. Apart from startups, technology giants like Microsoft and Google have also started promoting their digital teaching and learning tools. Google recently integrated Google Classroom with Google Meet so that teachers and the pupils find it easy to access and join the meeting directly from their online classroom.

The COVID pandemic has undoubtedly increased the exponential interest and demand in live online classes and video conference tools. Google Classroom integrated with Google Meet was the default choice for many educators in educational institutions. And above all, education institutes liked the fact that Google Meet is an absolutely free tool.

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Advantages of Google Meet for Schools and College

Google Meet contains advanced features to simplify the video conferencing needs of teachers and students. From scheduling and recording of meetings, screen sharing to sharing desktop and presentations, ability to conduct large meetings with up to 250 participants, are few of the exciting features offered by Google meets. Apart from this livestream of events where one can allow up to 100,000 viewers to watch the live broadcast of the event.

Even though Google Meet was eventually used by businesses, it carries many advantages for users from educational institutes. All the teachers, students, and parents associated with the school and college operations think and behave differently from the professionals who use Google Meet for business-related conferences. Following are some the advantages for schools and colleges include:

  • The simplicity of Google user experience for teachers and parents

All the teachers and parents have a similar experience while using Google tools and they like the simplicity of Google interface when compared to other advanced video conferencing apps and live online classroom tools.

  • Meet with everyone with a Google ID

Unlike the rest of the platform, Google Meet doesn’t require you to create a different username and password for a meeting. Anyone with a Google/Gmail id can start using the platform instantly. This makes it easy for users to join a Google Meet without any hassle.

  • Quality 

Google Meet’s video and audio are of high quality even on low bandwidth because it is optimized for speed and quality by the Google engineering standards. 

  • Security, Safety & Privacy

The Google Meet platform is built by following the best security, safety, and privacy standards. As schools and colleges and other institutes are more concerned with the privacy and safety of their data, Google Meet is one remarkable tool in the market that you can rely to use for live online classes and video conferences.

Live online classes

The security features of Google Meet App for Live Online Classes

Safety by Technology

  • Encryption – Encryption is used to prevent unauthorized access by third parties to communications happening over the internet. There are different encryption standards and technologies which are available to prevent unauthorized third parties from stealing your data. All data in Google Meets is end to end encrypted in transit by default between the client and Google for video meetings on a web browser, on the Android and iOS apps, and in meeting rooms with Google meeting room hardware.
  • Cloud Servers of Google – Google Meets platform is powered by the latest cloud technology standards and this helps the educational institutions to collaborate with the parents and students safely because whichever location or device the users are accessing the platform, one can easily trust Google technology to safeguard their data. The advantages of Google’s defence-in-depth approach are available to the schools and colleges also while using Google Meet and Google Classrooms. The defence-in-depth approach involves purpose-built infrastructure, Google-controlled hardware stack, private and encrypted global network, layered data centre security, internal privacy and security expertise, and lastly the robust security auditing/certification program.

Safety by Best Practices

  • Counter-abuse measures – Google Meet also follows the best counter-abuse features. This includes an approval required for external participants to join the meeting. Also Google Meet has modified meeting moderation controls and protection against reusing the finished meetings.
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Along with Google Meet, Warals is also integrated with other popular video conferencing tools like Zoom and Big Blue Button. If you liked the Google Meet features for schools and colleges and other institutes and are already interested in implementing Warals in your institutions, contact us today.

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