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It has been years now since the online teaching tools started penetrating the K12 market. Begun with free live online classes management software which let the tutors create lesson schedules and content for their subject topic to share with the students. Uploading video classes started lately with the availability of good internet.

Now with the spread of CoronaVirus, we also saw the increase in live online classes and learning using different video uploading software. 

There are a number of  methods through which teachers can teach students online. This consists of digital books to animated lectures.

Online teaching has become the most famous and handy way for the majority of tutors to implement as part of their online teaching strategy. All it requires is some practise and good preparation before going live.

Some trends in online classes that is explaining K12 education in 2020:

1. Recorded Classes


Recorded Classes help students to revisit the recording later and it’s also beneficial for the students who missed the live online

class. It is also helpful to the students who were present in the class but didn’t get time to make notes of the  discussions during the online class. Online class is also helpful of the students with learning difficulties. Those students with dyslexia find it handy to learn from recorded lectures than from live classes. Recorded classes are the best way to watch the lectures of prior years and also helps the schools to show the classes from tutors who are no more working in the schools.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Live online classes

Artificial intelligence has now taken over classrooms and institutions. By a  amalgamating artificial intelligence along with video lectures, the lectures can be shown in a more impactful way to the students. Artificial Intelligence will learn what sectures students are playing, what part of the lectures they are skipping within videos, the specific part and time the learners are attending, etc. All these monitoring by Artificial Intelligence provide feedback to tutors for improving their training and also assist the students impulsively based on their separate learning methodology.

3. Personalized learning modules


Every student grabs and learns in their own way and pace. It is complicated for teachers to give individual attention to each and every student. But with the very fundamental knowledge in learner psychology, teachers can personalize their teaching modules by broad learner classification and with the assist of Artificial Intelligence it becomes handy to personalize the teaching modules to every student. The Artificial Intelligence learns impulsively when the student learns and improves the personalizations on the go.

not game-based learning, but gamification of the video and other content being delivered by the teachers and consumed by the students.

4. Promote self-directed learning

school management software

The nature of teaching from online lectures promotes more self-directed learning. The video classes are uploaded in the learning management software and students are instructed to explore and learn in their own way, time and geolocation. Students start grabbing at their own speed and soon find their own best way of learning. The Artificial Intelligence integrated into the system also keeps a track of the same and begins delivering lectures optimized to the way of learning of students. The self learning method also assists the students for their further higher education, where self learning is the key.

5. Evolution in examination methods and process

Institute Management System

Online classes and implementation of Artificial Intelligence have transformed the way exams are taken. Examinations  processes are always evolving and  on the go. “Supervising” exams based on Artificial Intelligence are the new standards because assets and infrastructure are no longer a limitation to conduct exams. The intelligence linked with the examination software makes sure that the examination is done fairly. This lets students take the exam even while being home and can still make the results fair according to the performance.

6. Learning becoming more optimized

Learning management system

Learning has become more optimized with the existence of online learning tools. With the methods explained above like the impact of Artificial Intelligence, the tutors around the world can provide enhanced learning experiences to their learners even with the vast resource availability across different schools.

7. The emergence of more ethical and privacy issues

With the existence of online learning and learning everywhere and the pace at which these classes are delivered, more discussions are expressed by teachers regarding the ethics and privacy of these advanced tech in the learning curriculum of students. As the technologies are getting advanced at a faster speed, there is not much time left to have discussion on these concerns in advance.

With the presence of high-speed internet and smart gadgets everywhere, all tutors and learners around the world are enjoying the pros of online classes. Even during the recent COVID-19 outbreak, online classes proved to be a savior to tutors and learners. The advantages of online classes are much more than the alternative during pandemic. 

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