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A school management software helps in smooth functioning of a school and making various processes of schools convenient. It eases the task and various activities that a school performs like attendance management, fees management and many other.

User Friendly Interface

It’s an easy to use and well-defined interface. You don’t need to be a professional to use Warals School management system. A school merely does not consist of students, there are other staff which hold responsibility, so it is designed in a way that one can use it. It helps in the better management of school. It helps in effective management and also helps in maintaining efficiency and decorum at all levels of school management.

Cloud Based Software and Platform Independent

It is a powerful software that can be accessed from any pc, tablets or any mobile and it provides the facility to access it 24 x 7. This makes the data mobility easier. This software can work upon different platforms without any technical glitch.

Fees Management

Collection of fees is a tedious task and to make sure it contains proper record without any error. This software makes sure that all the records of fees are properly stored with proper details. No double entry, or inaccuracy takes place. This also automates most of the work and thus reducing manpower and utilizing the time and resources efficiently.

Multiple Branch Management

You have an easy access to manage multiple branches of a school or an institution. You can get summarized reports from different branches of the respective school. You can share updates, send notifications without any worry.

Announcement / notice facility

You can share any information related to school in just a single click. It makes sure you can announce holiday information, Exam results, Fees Reminder and any other update. SMS and E-Mail integration allows a parent to be updated about their wards performance.

Role Based Access Control

There is a strict control on authorized access to modules. Administrators can access by using roles or can provide direct access to the specific users. This role based access provides each user a personalized experience to access large number of features.

Enquiry Follow Up

Enquiries can be sorted out with the software. Now you wouldn’t have any missed follow up. You also have an option of converting enquiries into admission. That goes easy without any complexity.

Transport management

You can have an easy access on the details of the school vehicles. You can track the transport details like the expenses made towards the fuel, maintenance and repairs made to the vehicles. It also keeps the track of the drivers and conductors in order to ensure the safety of the students. The attendant of the students traveling is updated regularly. 

Employee and user management

This integrates the data of the employees and stores at a single place. Thus whenever any employee wants to know the details regarding the former and transferred employee, the software comes in use. This enables the efficient recruitment of the staffs and thus help in long term growth.

Online assignments

Teachers can provide assignments to individuals to judge the knowledge of students. This all will be paperless and efficient. It also gives power to teachers to manage and save important records, eliminating the need to do paperwork and thus managing time and resource. It will help students to get the idea of “new normal”. Being paperless, it will be environment friendly thus saving resources and benefiting environment.

Hosted on trusted servers and Assures data security

Since it provides cloud storage, data is permanently stored so you can retrieve your data anytime. We also assure that your data does not get stolen or damaged. We ensure that we make a long term relationship with our clients and provide them full satisfaction.

Easiest and fastest

You don’t have to worry about the complexity of the software. We understand that technology is not everyone’s cup of tea and we make sure that it is very easy to learn and manage. This has the fastest implementation, so it can manage the time accordingly.

Ease of Communication

One of the utmost feature of the software is that it makes the student and teacher communication easy. What will the use of software if it does not make communication easy, so we ensure that communication should not be a problem. The homework of the student is updated regularly.

Student and teacher record

It helps in keeping track of students’ performance in all curricular areas. This helps the student and teachers in improving the performance to know what areas of curricular activities need improvement in order to increase the level of overall performance. Parents can get an independent report of their ward in marks assignment, attendance details and any other information related to their child.

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